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"You like our products and want to share this with your friends, family, colleagues or others and at the same time earn discounts or commissions ?
In that case become one of our Ambassadors

The ambassador's role is to promote the products on our website FREESANTE

Two options are available:
1 - You recommend our products as an intermediary by providing your personal code to your contact. In this case, your contact will reveive 5% discount on his next ordrer and you will receive 7.5% commission on his orders placed during 6 months.
2 - Double your commissions by choosing products instead of taking commissions, buying products on the website FREEESANTE and commission rates of 7.5% will be doubled in 15%.

For commissions that you have acquired, you either have the ability to make make a payment request at the company SPEGA-INT (establishing a commission invoice) or by taking advantage of prices promotions on freesante products! "
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